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Vases are the most beautiful accessories when combined with our artificial flowers. At Everplant, you will find a wide range of high-quality vases. Want to brighten up your home or office? Explore our collection of artificial flowers and vases to create a true eye-catcher in the space!

The Coolest Vases

In our selection, you'll find the coolest vases to pair with your artificial plants, flowers, and branches. We have large vases that can accommodate entire flower bouquets, as well as vases with narrow necks where you can place a single flower, branch, or feather. Whatever your preference, we have a suitable and stylish vase in our collection. Furthermore, we offer vases in various colors and styles. Will you choose a black vase to complement colorful flowers? Or opt for a colored vase to play with contrast? Whatever you're looking for, we have the right accessories in our assortment!

Vases with Artificial Flowers

Our silk bouquets are curated by color and presented with a beautiful vase. You can easily add the vases that come with the pre-arranged bouquets to your order, so you have the complete picture all at once! Of course, you can also order a different vase with your flower bouquet or create your own bouquet with a matching vase. The possibilities are endless when you purchase artificial flowers from Everplant and combine them with a beautiful vase.

Buy Vases

Are you planning to buy vases? At Everplant, you will find only high-quality vases with stunning finishes. We have transparent vases, as well as vases with solid colors and patterns. The unique appearance of our vases can be the perfect addition to your living room or office. You can pair them with our artificial flowers and plants, but they are also suitable for real plants or bouquets you have at home! If you have any questions about which vases to buy, feel free to contact our customer service for advice!