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Artificial branches

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Our artificial branches, they are so beautiful! Whether you place them on a table in the hallway or insert them into a gorgeous vase, they instantly brighten up the space. We offer them in a wide range of styles, but they all have the same great advantage: they always stay beautiful! With real branches, you face the drawback of them eventually drying out, and there's a high chance they will break or snap. So, don't take any risks and order our exceptionally beautiful artificial branches!

Artificial blossom branches

The artificial blossom branches guarantee that delightful feeling of spring every day! A branch with blossoms is the harbinger of a few wonderful sunny and warm months ahead. Unfortunately, with real branches, you only get to enjoy them for a short while before they quickly wither and lose their beautiful colors. The solution? Our exquisite artificial blossom branches, of course! You can find them in almost every color of the rainbow, and they will retain their beauty!

Green artificial branches

Our green-colored artificial branches are absolute eye-catchers. For example, we offer fern branches that bring a piece of the forest into your home. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about creepy crawlies accompanying them because you won't have any such concerns with green artificial branches. Another advantage is that pets won't nibble on the leaves, which will always remain beautifully green. So, order our artificial branches to add some green to your home or office!

Artificial branches with berries

With the artificial branches with berries, you can capture that distinctive warm autumn atmosphere. Firethorn and holly, for example, are plant species that herald the end of summer and give you that delightful feeling of snuggling up on the couch under a blanket. By choosing a convenient artificial variant, you don't have to worry about berries falling off the branches, leaving you with empty twigs. Our artificial branches with berries will always stay beautiful!

Buy artificial branches

If you want to buy artificial branches and ensure a consistently low price for the best quality, we at Everplant are here to help. You will find the most beautiful varieties in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at our assortment of stunning artificial trees, artificial flowers, and artificial plumes as well. They are equally affordable, and when you place a complete order of €25 or more, you also benefit from free shipping!


Where can you buy the most beautiful artificial flowers?

The most cost-effective way is to buy them online. At Everplant, for example, you will find an incredibly large selection of various artificial flowers in all imaginable variations. You can easily order them, and you also benefit from very competitive prices.

How much do silk artificial flowers cost?

On average, silk artificial flowers cost a few euros, but the price can vary depending on the quality. The cheapest silk flowers often look fake, while for just a few extra euros, you can buy silk flowers that are indistinguishable from real ones.

How long do silk flowers last?

Silk flowers last for many years when you choose quality. In fact, Everplant's artificial flowers last for decades, maintaining their color and shape, so you can enjoy them for a very long time!