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Artificial Plant Wall

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A artificial plant wall from Everplant is a unique way to dress up a space with green decoration. Whether it's a storefront, office, waiting room, or perhaps you want to decorate part of your home uniquely, our plant wall is ideal! The wall also requires little maintenance, providing years of pleasure and beautiful decoration. Every environment gets a unique ambiance of sustainable green when you choose an artificial plant wall! Are you curious how we can green a space with an artificial plant wall? Feel free to ask for a non-binding quote from us!

What is an artificial plant wall?

This is a panel that covers an entire wall or a chosen part of the wall with artificial plants. The plants are made of high-quality materials, making them look realistic. An artificial plant wall is often used as a decorative element in various situations, such as shops, catering businesses, and offices. But an artificial plant wall covering is also more than suitable for in the living room or another wall in the house! It is a low-maintenance and sustainable solution for those who want green in their home or business environment, without the worries and maintenance of real plants.

A real eye-catcher

In addition to the artificial plant wall being a low-maintenance option, it is of course a real eye-catcher in any space. In a unique way, you transform a boring wall into a vibrant green element. With the various possibilities in color and plant types, you can find exactly the plant wall that completely matches the desired look of the space. It brings a warm atmosphere that customers, visitors, or employees will immediately notice when they enter. Moreover, the green color of an artificial plant wall covering provides a calm appearance, which can have a positive influence on the working atmosphere and productivity of employees.

How do I choose the right artificial plants for my wall?

When selecting your artificial plant wall, there are a few factors you can consider. For example, you can base your choice on the style of the room. It's best when your artificial plant wall matches the atmosphere in the room or makes it even better. You can buy artificial plant wall decoration from us with a mix of different plants in various styles. It is also important to look at the dimensions of the wall you want to make a green wall with artificial plants. Not sure which artificial plant wall to choose? Feel free to contact us for personal advice!

Artificial plant wall for a business environment

An artificial plant wall is a sustainable investment for business environments such as offices, catering businesses, and shops. It not only creates a good atmosphere with a calming appearance, but it also offers a few practical advantages. An artificial plant wall requires hardly any maintenance, which can be handy in a busy working environment. Moreover, an artificial plant wall panel can contribute to the working climate. Greenery in the workplace creates peace and contributes to the productivity and concentration of employees. In addition to that, an artificial plant wall can also contribute to the brand recognition and marketing of your company. The wall can, for example, be used as a striking background for a photo moment or as a decorative element of a display window.

How do you maintain an artificial plant wall?

One of the big advantages is that an artificial plant wall is almost maintenance-free. Due to the high-quality materials of the artificial plants, it hardly attracts dust. If some dust has piled up on the wall, you can easily remove it with a feather duster. You can also wipe the leaves with a cloth and some water. However, we advise against using soap or other cleaning agents, as this can cause the plants to discolor. In most cases, it is therefore enough to simply dust off the wall to keep it in top condition!