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The term "plastic plants" always sounds so unappealing. That's why we prefer to call them artificial plants! The name "plastic plants" doesn't do justice to these low-maintenance, immortal little plants. Nowadays, they are incredibly beautiful plants that are indistinguishable from the real ones! Artificial plants are no longer made of plastic - as you might expect - but rather of artificial silk and plastic. But why be so negative about plastic? Isn't it just "plastic fantastic"? At Everplant, we have a range of high-quality artificial plants or plastic plants. Call them whatever you want, but you'll always find what you're looking for at Everplant!

Indoor plastic plants

You can choose to keep your plastic plants indoors, but you can also put them outside. And by that, we don't mean those fragile silk flowers you have in a vase. We're talking about those beautiful, robust banana plants with an extra heavy pot to prevent them from being blown away. Or how about an exotic palm tree in your garden, rooftop terrace, or balcony? Wherever you choose to let your Everplant shine... Our plastic plants are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Plastic plants with pots

Once you've chosen one of Everplant's artificial plants, it's time for another decision: the plant pot! Because they already feel so at home in their artificial soil. If the included pot isn't quite to your taste, don't worry! Choose a pot from our online selection that you absolutely love. In that case, purchase a slightly larger pot and simply place the entire plant, pot and all, inside it. At Everplant, you'll find plastic plants in various pots. There's definitely something beautiful for you. Have you decided which Everplant you want?

Buying plastic plants

You don't need green thumbs for Everplant's artificial plants - also known as plastic plants. When deciding which plastic plants to buy, you don't have to consider whether they can tolerate too much or too little sunlight. Watering plants is no longer necessary for you. You can enjoy a green oasis around you without lifting a finger - at least not a green one! No, when purchasing an artificial plant, you only need to consider whether you find it beautiful or not. Beautiful and affordable plastic plants, that's what you want to buy at Everplant!