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At Everplant, we have a diverse range of plastic plants for both residential and business customers. We are happy to help you fulfill your dream garden, entrance, or indoor spaces with sustainable greenery. Plastic plants offer many advantages compared to real plants.

  • They are low maintenance
  • They can be placed anywhere
  • They look realistic
If real plants are not an option for your home, office, or display, then the lifelike artificial plants from Everplant are an ideal solution to create a beautiful green environment. Where you don't have to work on them, but simply enjoy them!


Plastic plants for outdoor use

You don't have green fingers and you certainly don't have time for gardening. Plastic plants for outdoor use are an ideal option for you! A major advantage of Everplants is their durability. After purchasing and placing them once, you're set for the next five to eight years. They are always in bloom and as green as grass, in both summer and winter. And these plants don't care about heavy rain showers or desert-like drought. So if you want to enjoy a beautiful, green, and blooming garden or balcony for a long time without much effort, then plastic plants for outdoor use are the solution for your not-so-green fingers!

Plastic plants for indoor use

Are you looking for beautiful and affordable plastic plants for indoor use? Then you've come to the right place. From pancake plant to palm tree, we have the right artificial plant for every green atmosphere you want to create in your home or office. The artificial plant feels at home anywhere! Whether it's in the bathroom or in that dark corner of your room. It doesn't bother because an Everplant always stays green! Plastic plants for indoor use are hardly distinguishable from real ones nowadays, and they require minimal care. Just dust them occasionally, and they will remain nice and green!

Buy plastic plants

Buying plastic plants is a great choice if you don't have green fingers and don't have much time or interest in plant care. Plus, you can always enjoy a green or consistently blooming environment. Moreover, with an artificial plant, you can choose that one beautiful, special plant that just won't grow in your climate. When you buy plastic plants, choose quality. At Everplant, you can buy high-quality artificial plants for a lifetime. Do you already know which artificial plant you want?