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Artificial Kentia Palm

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The artificial Kentia palm from Everplant is a popular choice for adding a tropical atmosphere to your interior. The artificial plant not only looks beautiful, but is also practical to use. You no longer have to worry about watering or finding the right place in the house with enough sunlight. Our artificial plant kentia palms are always green and require no care, except for a little dusting now and then. This way you always have a cheerful and tropical atmosphere at home.

How do you choose the right size artificial kentia palm for your space?

When choosing the right size artificial kentia palm, it is important to take into account the height of the ceiling and other furniture and decorations in the room. If you have a low ceiling, it is better not to opt for an artificial plant that is too large, as this can make the room optically smaller. For rooms with high ceilings, a large artificial Kentia palm is an excellent choice to fill the space. If there is already a lot of large furniture in the room, it is better to choose a smaller artificial kentia palm so as not to make the room too crowded.

Tropical atmosphere without worries: artificial kentia palm

With an artificial Kentia palm from Everplant you bring that cozy tropical atmosphere into your home or office. Our artificial plants are indistinguishable from the real thing due to the fine details and the realistic finish. In addition, they are durable and require no maintenance, so you don't have to worry about watering or finding the right spot with enough sunlight. The green leaves and the graceful shape of the artificial kentia palm have a calming effect and can help to reduce stress. This way you can always enjoy that relaxing tropical atmosphere in your home or office.

How long do artificial kentia palms usually last?

Unlike real plants, our artificial kentia palms retain their vibrant green color and graceful shape for years to come. All you have to do is dust it off every now and then. If you are looking for a sustainable and maintenance-free option to bring some green into your home, the artificial kentia palm is the perfect choice. It is a long-lasting solution for the decoration in your interior, allowing you to enjoy a tropical atmosphere for years to come.

Art kentia palms in a business environment

Do you want to add some greenery to your office or business environment, but you lack a green thumb? Then the artificial Kentia palm from Everplant is the ideal solution. Our artificial plants require no care and retain their fresh green color and graceful shape for years to come. In addition, they are also fireproof and meet all safety standards for use in business areas. With an artificial kentia palm you not only create a cozy atmosphere, but also a safe and sustainable environment for you and your employees.