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Calathea artificial plant

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Calathea Artificial Plant

Calathea Artificial Plant

The Calathea artificial plant is a vibrant plant with a unique appearance. There are numerous species of this plant, originally from the South American rainforests and the Amazon region. Some have elongated leaves while others are round and oval, but all of them have striking patterns on their leaves. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to keep them looking beautiful. Well, at least the real plants. That's where the Calathea artificial plant comes in handy, as it requires very little maintenance!

Benefits of the Calathea Artificial Plant

One of the greatest advantages of the Calathea artificial plant is that it always stays beautiful! The real plant can be quite difficult to care for. It's easy to give the plant too little water and it also requires regular misting. The real Calathea plant needs a lot of care. If you want even more benefits from the Calathea artificial plant, Everplant would say, buy the plant and experience it for yourself. One thing is for sure, after the purchase, you don't have to do anything else except putting the plant in a beautiful pot.

Types of Calathea Artificial Plants

The characteristic Calathea plant is easily recognizable due to its striking patterns, but there are numerous species available. Check out our selection of Calathea artificial plants to find the one that appeals to you the most. See which color suits your interior best and the atmosphere you want to create. If you love exotic plants and enjoy the ambiance of a botanical garden, we have many other types of artificial plants that perfectly complement that style.

Buying a Calathea Artificial Plant

When you buy a Calathea artificial plant, all you need to do is put it in a beautiful pot. This applies to all our green indoor plants! One of the characteristics of the decorative Calathea is that its leaves fold up in the evening and unfurl in the morning. Unfortunately, this unique behavior, known as "prayer plant" movement, is not replicated in the artificial plant. Nevertheless, the plant is still at its most beautiful in full glory!