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Artificial Bonsai

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A artificial bonsai is a beautiful artistic representation of this characteristic small tree. The name originates from Japan and means 'tree in a pot'. Normally, these miniature trees require a lot of love, attention, and regular pruning. However, an artificial bonsai is a solution that requires much less time and effort while still being equally beautiful. At Everplant, you can buy artificial bonsai in six different variations, ranging from small tropical palms to beautiful mini pine trees.

Artificial bonsai tree

With an artificial bonsai tree, you have a stunning solution that is indistinguishable from real ones and creates a zen atmosphere in any space in your home! It can also be easily placed in an office. The presence of these small artificial trees creates a sense of tranquility and calmness that is greater than expected. An artificial bonsai tree is by no means dull, and you can enjoy it for years, even after a long vacation!

A small tree in a pot: the Bonsai

With a small-sized artificial bonsai, you can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of a room. This makes this charming tree also suitable for creating a sense of tranquility in an office space, such as on a desk. You don't need to worry about providing too much or too little sunlight either - convenient, isn't it? If you're looking for something different, be sure to check out our artificial flowers and artificial plumes, as they are just as beautiful and cost-effective as a small artificial bonsai!

Buy artificial bonsai plants?

Do you want to buy an artificial bonsai tree now? You've come to the right place! We offer various beautiful variants, all available at a competitive price! You will no longer need to spend money and time on caring for your new miniature tree, as it doesn't require watering or pruning. If you decide to purchase an artificial bonsai tree online at Everplant, we will ensure that it is delivered to your doorstep quickly, in most cases on the next working day!

What does the artificial bonsai tree symbolize?

The bonsai tree is not only seen as a dwarf plant but also considered a form of ethnic art. It involves a technique to cultivate and shape a tree to appear natural and aged. This process is not performed with artificial plants. It is, therefore, enjoyable that you can choose the tree, and it will remain unchanged.

What does "Bonsai" mean in Japanese?

Bonsai refers to the planting of a tree in a container. The original Chinese characters used to represent Bonsai literally mean "planted in a container." Bonsai is derived from Japanese. 'Bon' means a tray or a small pot/container, and 'sai' means a tree or plant.