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Everplant's high-quality artificial plants are indistinguishable from the real thing! In our wide range you will find all kinds of artificial plants, from large to small. Whether you are looking for a beautiful artificial plant for your home, office or perhaps your catering business, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for with us! All our artificial plants are made of high-quality material and with many details, so that they remain beautiful for years and also look lifelike . For example, there are a lot of advantages to purchasing the beautiful artificial plants from Everplant. Did you know that the purchase of artificial plants is also a sustainable choice to make a space beautifully green? You do not have to replace them for the time being after purchase, but you can supplement your artificial plant collection at Everplant and make beautiful combinations!

How long do artificial plants last?

This depends on the type of artificial plant you have and the environment in which it is located, but artificial plants last at least seven years on average. As a result, you only have to order one plant and you will benefit from it for years to come!

Artificial plants, artificial flowers and more!

You live, live or work with more pleasure in a room with high-quality artificial plants , artificial flowers and more! Due to the good quality of our artificial plants, you can place them in any room and they will continue to look beautiful. If you want to make your bathroom a bit greener or give it a bit more colour, it's also no problem to put a plant or flower from Everplant there! You could even opt for an artificial tree, such as a palm tree or a fruit tree. Moreover, you can also come to us for a lot of nice accessories, which you can order with your artificial plants, artificial flowers and more!

Office atmosphere with artificial plants

Did you know that your employees perform better when they are in a green environment? Moreover, you bring a lot of atmosphere to the office with artificial plants! Research shows that office plants create a sense of well-being and reduce stress among employees. You can also make the entrance of your office green with our artificial wall plants . With this you turn the entire wall into a green work of art! This is also an excellent choice for when you have a catering business . The customers flock in when they see that beautiful green wall at your building!

How do you maintain an artificial plant wall?

An artificial plant wall hardly needs to be maintained, because the high-quality material attracts almost no dust. When dust eventually ends up on the wall, you can easily remove it with a feather duster or with a damp cloth.

Silk flower bouquets

A silk flower bouquet is the perfect decoration for any room! We have a wide range of beautifully composed silk flower bouquets, so there is certainly something for you. Our silk flowers are made of high quality material and they are indistinguishable from the real thing. All details from the leaves to the twigs have been incorporated, so that they look incredibly realistic! When you place the silk flower bouquet in your living room, bedroom or on the windowsill, you can enjoy it every day for years to come. Without any maintenance, the silk flower bouquets still look beautiful after years!

What is a silk flower bouquet?

This is a composed bouquet of beautiful silk flowers. Because of the material they are made of and the details that have been incorporated, they appear lifelike. Moreover, the colors are coordinated in such a way that the flowers together form a beautiful whole.


Vases, bottles and jars

In addition to our countless coastal plants , you can also contact us for beautiful accessories ! This way you can order a beautiful pot with your succulent, for example. Or you can order a vase or bottle with your bouquet, artificial branches, artificial plume or artificial leaves! Whatever you order, we always have a beautiful vase, bottle or pot that you can order with you. You can also order the matching vase in the photo with all our composite silk flower bouquets. This way you have the whole picture at home in one go! Of course you can also choose to order your artificial plants without a pot or to choose separate vases, bottles and pots from our range.

Artificial plants and sustainability

You might not think so at first, but purchasing artificial plants is a very sustainable choice ! Firstly, artificial plants are often made of sustainable material that can be recycled. Moreover, artificial plants last a very long time and it is therefore not necessary to replace them quickly. Besides that, getting real plants to flower often requires a greenhouse that consumes a lot of energy, especially when it comes to tropical plants. When plants come from abroad, it also takes a lot of energy to import and maintain them in good condition. All these things do not apply to artificial plants, which is why artificial plants and sustainability go very well together!

How do you clean artificial plants?

Cleaning artificial plants is very easy and often wiping the leaves off with a cloth or feather duster is more than enough. If you want to clean the artificial plant more thoroughly, you can do this with a damp cloth. We do not recommend using cleaning agents, as this can damage the leaves and cause discoloration.

Project planting

Do you want to place a large order for a planting project ? You can also contact us for a business order ! When you contact us and pass on your wishes, we aim to deliver your customized quote the same day. Our personal advisor will be happy to tell you about the possibilities and give advice if you wish. You will also be assigned your own specialist who is aware of your situation and wishes. You can always contact us for advice and any questions. This way you have your customized project planting on location quickly!

Buy artificial plants

If you want to buy artificial plants , you've come to the right place at Everplant! Whether you opt for a hanging plant, cactus or perhaps an artificial tree , we have it in our range! When you place your order online today, you will receive it the next working day . In addition, you can regularly benefit from special offers with us, so that you can buy artificial plants that look just like the real thing at competitive prices! Our plants are not only suitable for indoor use, but also more than suitable for the office, in your shop or at your business in the catering industry. You can buy artificial plants and flowers quickly and easily online at Everplant.nl.

Where to buy artificial plants?

At Everplant you can find almost every type of artificial plant you can think of! All our artificial plants are made of high-quality material and all details are incorporated. As a result, they remain good for years and are indistinguishable from the real thing. When you order from us, you will receive your artificial plants the next working days!